I don’t remember the last time I made Żurek from scratch. No shortcuts. No half-products.

Made just as my grandmother taught me.

I got so used to the fast tempo of today reality and the access to shortcuts. 

It just made me think about how much we rely on those things. Quick fixes, ready meals. The convenience.

When I was at the university, and they made us use old analogue equipment, calculate and draw everything by hand, I was furious at times on how much time we are wasting by doing that. The mandatory descriptive geometry course that many failed at, in the age computer and rise of software like AutoCAD or Microstation seemed like a pointless exercise.

But with age and experience, I started to be grateful for the gift of learning the principles, basics and gaining a deep understanding not only what the result is or should be but also how it was achieved.

– Learning to cook from scratch even the most time-consuming Polish dishes taught me how to plan ahead of time and sequence the works to meet the deadlines,

– Using analogue equipment taught me what input data is required to get an accurate result.
– Calculating everything by hand taught me not to take a result or numbers on face value and gave the ability to spot the discrepancies and ‘creative’ calculations.
But the most significant learning I got was from the subject I hated the most – the descriptive geometry- The ability to look at 2D drawings and see in 3D, knowing how the all pieces are fitting together and what impact they have on each other.

 I know many people who struggle with reading architectural drawings, and when I was trying to explain in words what I see, sometimes I made them even more confused. They didn’t say a word, but I could see it in their eyes.

Uncertainty brings fear, and fear brings the decision to back out.

That’s why 3D modelling and Visualisation was the perfect medium to convey what I see and not get caught up with the wrong wording, cultural differences or brain skipping some steps.

CGI -Computer Generated Images allow me to express myself in the visual language, which is the same for all and can help you to do the same.

I’m curious…

How could you utilise CGI in your business right now?