#PlanningPermission, some of you will probably see that as a swear word, but for us, it’s a common reason for developers to approach us.

The last time I was on stage talking about how investing in CGI can improve and save time on that process, the question I got from the audience was: “Where is your proof? What’s your success rate? Because the planning takes, whatever it takes…”

I got a bit defensive; I must admit because I didn’t have the definite answer. If the planning takes whatever it takes, then how is that some developers get it approved in a couple of months and some are 18 months in the process and still not much closer to starting the works.

I just passed the site close to where I live that was dormant for over two years and started clearing up works and groundworks just a few weeks back. And then, on the other hand, I’ve got our clients posting about getting his planning on their commercial conversion approved in just three months.

I realise that there are many factors considered in the planning process:

  • Location,
  • Council, the committee itself.
  • Design,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Potential flood issues, and so on

We need to remember that planning application is considered by people with their own experience, knowledge and yes, limitations. 

Some of the concerns may come raised by the neighbours as they look for their best interest and you need to show them that you considered their stake in this and the changes won’t affect the adjacent properties.

CGI can make the planning process far more straightforward. By removing all space for interpretation and providing a visual representation of your concept, which illustrates scale, finish, environment authorities can more easily understand your proposal and put all of the concerns at ease.

When it comes to planning, what is the biggest challenge you are facing right now that could be solved with visualisation?

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