I was on the Rightmove recently browsing for a house in the Midlands.

I came across a couple of beautiful historical gems in a 500k range, clearly in a great need of refurbishment but full of potential.

I found myself clicking on a photo after photo and dreaming of what I would do with the place. “Hanging the curtains” as if it was already mine if you will.

Then a couple of New Houses popped up, and my smile disappeared.

The disappointment came instead.

Advertised as a luxurious five-bedroom house, price tag 550k and not a single photo uploaded or just the 2D elevation only – telling me…


I was concerned so I adjusted my filter to NEW HOMES only.

Over 25% of luxurious properties listings hadn’t got a single photo or CGI, 50% had ONE image of the exterior or a street view.

Only 25% had beautiful CGI imagery of interior and exterior giving me a good idea of what I’m buying.

Most of the description written by an estate agent is generic.

The only thing that can spike the interest and STOP your a prospect from SCROLLING down is beautiful imagery.

I hear selling off-plan doesn’t work.

But is it, that people don’t buy off-plan or you are not putting enough effort to market your home-to-be?