Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

In the world where everyone is a critic or a blamer but most do nothing to create a change, few take the initiative to change our children’s future for

One of them is Cameron Else. Ex-military, professional Mixed Martial Artist, founder of Fight the Demon-Mental Health Charity.
Having been born and raised in Thanet, he has seen how far gone his hometown and neighbouring towns have fallen.

The crime rate in violence has risen considerably, knife crime, especially.

The number of people that are now homeless has risen, and mental health alone has impacted many lives, leaving locals to pick up the pieces.

Many families have lost loved ones to suicide, and nothing seems to be changing.

Going through tough time himself after leaving the military, he discovered that discipline and healthy mindset developed through Martial Arts training and surrounding yourself with positive role models could be exactly WHAT OUR YOUTH NEEDS.

Project Combat is an initiative to change our children’s future by bringing the community together and teaching out teens respect, good manners
towards others and themselves.

Building their self-esteem and self-belief

Giving them space to channel the frustration and negative emotions and use them to build inner strength not to destroy their health, their lives, their future.

To help them create a vision beyond the current circumstance.

At the moment Project Combat is at stage one- Site Acquisition.

The team is working tirelessly to create a presentation for the Council and take over Beachfront Building located Westbrook Royal Esplanade.

The site is currently not safe to use and in need of a serious makeover.

Base on Cameron’s brief and requirements, we created a concept design to supplement the proposal and help him sell the vision.

We are so glad we could get involved in such an amazing endeavour.