As challenging as 2020 was, it forced us to change the way we conduct the business,

think outside of the box and create solutions to keep us in business

OUR LIVELIHOOD depended on it.

Buying, selling and renting a property had the additional disadvantage of lockdown. 

How the hell you are supposed to find your next investment or home if you can’t view it?

‘Buying a cat in the bag’
 comes to mind and add to the uncertainty.

So landlords and sellers started to invest in walkthroughs or videos to give the buyers some more information to discuss later in the followup call. 

The Next-Gen Virtual Viewing gives you the opportunity to view the property and chat in real-time.

Making sure you can ask all the questions as they arise and have an ‘in-person’ viewing experience … almost.

It’s suitable for off-plan and the sales of existing properties.

If you would like to know more,