Have you ever wondered how to take your vision for a dusty and tired house or piece of land you wish to develop and share it with other people?

Would you like to be able to showcase what is to come? Make it appear with the touch of a button as soon as you put 3D glasses on?

We would like to introduce the newest addition to our CGI family: Fully immersive online experience.
Online based Virtual Reality, that you can embed on your website and share with others.

☑️ You will experience your project in 1:1 scale.
Imagine standing in the middle of the floor of one of the flats so real, you can walk the corridor, almost touch the walls and sit on the furniture.

☑️ You will be able to adjust finishes and create a bespoke offering for your buyers.
Do you remember making the decision to buy your first house? Saving up for deposit and looking for the perfect home and the anticipation of the move in date?
Now imagine sitting in the living room … bedroom…putting the glasses on and spending as much time in your new home as you like and enjoying your purchase every day whilst you wait for the completion.

☑️ By being ahead of the technological curve, you’be able to give interesting and innovative business presentations and create a long lasting impression.
When you presenting your project to Anger Investor or potential JV partner you’re not the only one pitching them for money. All of the projects will be similar, ROI will be in the same area, so make them excited about your project. Make them remember you.
How it’s done?

It’s easy. All you need to do is:
🔸 send architectural plans
🔸 give us a briefing.

We create 3D model of your project, next import it to a game engine, then upload the result to a web-based format.
All you need to use it is your smartphone and pair of google cardboard £5 glasses.

There is no initial hardware investment. Except for the glasses of course. Everyone has smartphones already so computer set up isn’t needed here.

It can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is good WIFI connection, which means you can showcase your project in a boardroom, during the coffee meeting as well as enjoy it in your living room.

The market place is getting more competitive.
In some regions developers fro the same community are bidding against each other to secure the best land, brownfield, commercial buildings… And he or she who secure the finance and the planning and finance first will win the race.
Get ahead of the technological curve!
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