We are living in uncertain times and nationwide panic and people shutting down doesn’t help us at all.

No matter the strategy, Property Business owners are facing challenging times ahead.

On the one hand, the market is plummeting which bring great opportunity for buyers to acquire cheap property, on the other highly leveraged projects are facing potential cashflow issues.

Social distancing and isolation stops us from functioning as usual, which means that for the next few months, most of the property viewings will be cancelled,open houses and showrooms and marketing suites- empty.

On the positive side, it is the best time to revise your digital marketing strategy and allow your prospects to view and fall in love with your development from the comfort of their sofa.

We see how the big players in the event and knowledge industry moving everything online and try to salvage what they can from the recent cancellation and the loses in the revenue in the upcoming months.

Now it’s time to attract your clients through your online presents. The fact that your project is a is months from being completed and in the current situation, keeping the schedule may not be possible doesn’t have to stop you from marketing and advertising the homes-to-be.
Going towards your future buyers with beautifully crafted photorealistic imagery and virtual tours and project dedicated website will give them something to look forward to and provide them with certainty in their choice.

Imagine yourself sitting if from your computer and trying to make a buying decision. You can’t go and view properties at the moment, estate agencies operating at 20% capacity, but you have nothing better to do than browse through them online.

Visibility builds credibility and trust. Being able to give your prospects the opportunity of virtual viewing will set you apart from others.

Contact us today and let us assist you at your next project.