and secure funding for rest of the development.

In the property business, many decisions are based on our ability to read 2D drawings, plans, photos of the existing property and our vision for it.
When someone tells me, they can fit 16 or 20 flats in the old office I wouldn’t jump in straight away. Would you?
I would like to find out how the hell they squeezed all of the flats in there?
I would like to see if the apartments are well laid out and fairly spacious or are they shoe boxes.
I would ask myself: “Is this something I want to be involved in? Would it make a great addition to my portfolio? Would it make me proud?”

You can easily present your design and layouts by building it, furnishing and decorating all in 3D Virtual World with CGI (Computer Generated Images) which is the quickest and most cost-effective way. We make the value and worth of your property clear, easily seen and understood.
Here are images we prepared for valuation and tender.

State of the property when we were approached
CGI of Kitchen
3D Birds Eye view of Ground floor
CGI of Exterior

The Developer used these images and a Fly-through for Rightmove listing, which showcased the whole house before the months before the completion.
You can use CGI at any phase of development. Not just for marketing but on any stage that requires the stakeholders to use their imagination or skill to read architectural drawings.

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