It seems like we are starting to experience some ‘normal’ again.
The property market is open
. Estate Agents are back in business.

The lockdown is not so strict anymore, and whether we market to tenant or buyers, we need re-think our marketing approach.

The property viewing, even though possible, may not be in our best interest. Unless you’re planning to deep clean the unit a few times a day and introduce masks, gloves and antibacterial spray for each visitor, you put them, and yourself or the agent at risk and on top of that wearing PPE lowers the experience and emotionally, the perceived value of the property.  

The poor ones are not doing the homes justice, and you would be better off with just professional photos and description.

What if 
you could go even further and create a 3D experience for your clients with 360 Tour with time and energy as your only investment?

Many property investors, Agents started to utilise Virtual Viewings in their promotions. Some of the videos look amazing. They are nicely lit, done with right quality equipment or enhanced in post-processing, showcasing the best features and taking the prospect on a journey.

We created Virtual Tour below for one of our clients following seven simple steps of our 360 Tour Manual.

Link to the Tour:

All you need is a computer, WIFI and mobile phone and a bit of time.

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Create your own 360 Tours and change the way you market properties.