Fitting everything into a compact bathroom and making sure a user is still able to get around the space, it’s not easy.

So how to do it without sacrificing the style factor?

Follow these five tips will and make the most out of small bathrooms in your development.
1. Focus on the light.

Natural light is always best.

Make sure the room is well lit and has additional task lights fitted by the mirror.

Smaller spaces can often appear darker and, as a result, can create a more boxed-in feeling.

If the space for your bathroom is blind or has only a petite window, think about whether you can introduce a skylight to let more light in.

It will open the space up and give it a roomier feel.

2. Colour schemes can make or break the look.

Choosing lighter colours works to enhance a space in the same way natural light does.
Your bathroom will feel more airy and open.

Don’t be afraid to add texture and patterns, but try not to overwhelm the space with it.

Too much of anything can confuse the eye make it feel chaotic rather than calm and relaxing.

Lighter colours don’t need to be bland,

However, Your colour selection should be light enough to allow the light to bounce off the surfaces and create a sense of spaciousness.

3. Frameless showers.

If your bathroom is on the small side, you don’t want it to feel even more compact by dividing the space with a ‘heavy’ screen and obstruct clear sightlines.

A clear, full-length frameless glass shower screen will be equally functional but will create the illusion of open space.

4. Make a statement with a mirror

One of the quickest and easiest ways to optically double the size of the bathroom is by installing a large mirror above the vanity unit.
The reflection in the mirror enhances the light.
So think big when choosing a mirror.

5. Get smart with clutter

We all know that good storage will always be the best thing in a room.


In small bathroom storage can become a luxury, so you’ll have to be creative when designing it.

There’s only so much that can fit into a floating vanity, so think about how you can build storage into your bathroom in other ways,
a built-in niche or wall ledge, floating shelves or a small unit (matching the wall colour) above the toilet.

That’s it.
The tricks to optically enhance a small bathroom and to preserve functionality without sacrificing the style.

Have a great weekend,