A double clean slate on our lousy business decisions, playing it safe, missed opportunity and plenty of lessons taught by our ego.

But 2020 also brings double opportunity to do better and look into the future from a place of growth and a wiser man perspective.

People make fun of the “New Year, New Me” statement but it gives me hope that the change is possible and we are not actually aiming to become new, we aim to become better.
3D Avenue starts this year with the new look, defined company vision and mission and a much bigger team to offer you a wider range of services and great value.
Just like you would not expect a teenager to wear baby grow or adult to show up in loose trousers trying to defy the law of gravity and failing miserably and to be treated with the high level of confidence and trust them with your project and your livelihood.
We know we need to meet your standards of professionalism and purposefulness to win your business.

But look it’s not the only thing we’ve changing.

We already improved on our quality and delivery process, added new services like drone-montage, brochure, catalogue design and print.

Based on your feedback, we improved our policies and payment methods to serve you better and to create a fantastic customer experience.

Later this year we’ll add interior design service to help you make the most of your developments, provide you with full specification and to allow the virtual to fully match the reality.

We also are working on an online configuration tool for new builds.
We promise to nourish our relationship better this year and keep in touch with you fortnightly only with valuable content, like:
-behind the scenes material,
-case studies, design tip and tricks,
-equipment/digital tools review,
-open-source or cheap software tutorials to help create quick but powerful visuals for your design process and social media updates.

Let’s have a fantastic year! 
Let’s start an amazing decade together.
All the best,
Jagoda Duda & The Team