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It’s only expensive when isn’t planned

Do you like the idea of selling your flats off-plan but the prices of CGI -Computer Generated Images seem too steep?

These 7 SIMPLE TIPS will help you get beautiful affordable CGI, save time and headache in the process.

Set a date for the beginning of our marketing campaign and start looking for your Virtual Design Services 2 months earlier. Why? 
– you are giving yourself time to browse for good specialist.                          
– best value CGI providers will have many project in pipeline and by leaving this decision to last minute you’ll have to settle for whoever is available.                          
– if you decide to award your project to person/ company found on Fiverr or Freelancer and the outcome is disappointing or deadline missed, you still have time to create Visuals without changing programme.It takes time to find good CGI provider from outside of UK and although their portfolio looks good the language barrier more often than not is causing delays as things get lost in translation.
Starting early removes the sense of urgency and extra price tag attached to express delivery.

2.  READ T’s and C’s and REVIEW Scope of works.
I really can stress this enough.Find out how many changes are included in original quotation letter.What happens when the extra work is required or design changes.
Is the site visit included? Is it really necessary?
Most companies have set number of changes included in quote and I don’t mean complete redesign of the building or redecorating whole thing.To know what’s included what is subjected to Order Change Request you need to read the above and than decide impact of your changes.
Understand the process and ask if something is not clear.

Good briefing is one of the most important parts of whole process. Spend as much time as possible with the CGI provider. Make sure they understand purpose of whole exercise and not taking advantage of your lack of experience in working with digital models and rendering.

“5 min of preparation and planning saves 20 min in execution”

What is the purpose of the visualisation?  
– Planning Approval,  
– Design review,   
– Valuation, 
– Business proposal, 
– Brochures, Marketing,
Is it conceptual design, or maybe u need to show impact on neighbourhood and new Facade to planning comity?
Will you use it for online marketing and can be compressed to make it load faster or will you use it brochures , banners and needs to be in highest resolution?
Do you need something creative to break the snooze of PowerPoint presentation and excite them?
These all are factors influencing the final price tag.
Do you REALLY need 28 images representing every room in your property or one typical bedroom, bathroom and 2 shots of living room and open plan kitchen.
Don’t suggest you want the top of the range product. Explain what you need the CGI for and let them give you some options. There is so many different types of CGI not all will work for you and not all will be useful. Buy one get on at 70 or 50% offer may sound great but we all know where the extra usually ends up. In a bin or attic (loft) or expires

  – there are various types of CGI, and it might be difficult to decide what you want,              
– you probably can’t have it all, 
– but you may get what you need.

– go over the order and double check it.
– sometimes concept changes or requirements and if we don’t review the scope of work we might end up with CGI for wrong apartment and to old brief.

– be specific in your brief. 
– spend as much time as required to discuss the details.  
– provide images, screen shots, picture of desired finishes.  
– “I want the heavier bed throw” or “blue kitchen”, “I want different shade of copper” is not it.  
– use Pinterest for inspiration, Instagram, google images 
– make sure your Virtual Design Specialist understands the design intent. 
– Focus of what’s important – floor finishes, fitted kitchen or bathroom, door. Lighting. – built-in items.

 – Schedule time for drafts review and keep in touch. 
 – good communication is the key.  
– every business wants to minimise downtime. Voids are dangerous not only for property business.  
– by delaying review and comments to draft images you might find that resources  have been reallocated and you’ve been moved further down the queue and which will affect he lead time even more.

In any business the smoother workflow the better results.
Follow the simple tips and you’ll guarantee yourself the best value for money and short ,sweet lead time.

It has been great year!!

Quick summary of 2018. We most definitely progressing in right direction.

Looking forward to 2019 and what it will bring for us. Hopefully growth and more business.

We’ve been published again!!!

This time our article was featured in Property Investor News magazine.

Our new take on property marketing , ways to use CGI in property business and our take on the future all on two page spread.
Take a look, enjoy and let us know what you think.

How to guarantee success of your development and maximise your profit with CGI

In Property Business – no matter which strategy we pick – if we want to be successful we need to learn that we cannot do everything ourselves.

We need to  ask others for help/ expertise and accept the cost of doing business.
We are facing constantly interest charge here, commission there. Cash is flowing, unfortunately away from us.
We are looking for investors, partners, professional teams to see the project through. We are giving away first, second, third claim to the pie, hoping that at the end there will be enough left for us to make the whole project worthwhile.

So how can we make sure we are maximising our profit and get most of our development?

Of course we will try to have as much control of the outcome as we can. We’ll do our due diligence, KYC, AML checks, reference our team, assess the risks and try to mitigate them, we will create programme where everything will be scheduled to the hour, everyone will know their roles and duties.
We created this well-oiled machine and in 18 months’ time we will deliver! Right?

-What If the planning approval gets delayed due to insufficient information or some requirements not met?

-What If builders work gets delayed due to missed delivery or rework required caused by design flaw or mistake not caught during design review?

-What If your private investor 12 months into the development loses his “sophisticated investor” or  “High net-worth individual” status?

You’ll need to find  extra cash quick, at costs of another sliver of your piece of the pie.
With so many things that are out of our control, we need to focus and start our development with End in Mind – THE SALE

There are many ways to approach Sale Process

Traditional route

but with average Time on Market increase by 10% on average in comparison to last year we need to consider cost of finance all that we save on professional marketing will get consumed by interest on our borrowings.

More expensive route:

We’ll employ marketing team, which will speed up the sale process through effective marketing but with sudden property price dip in February first time in six months our predicted market value might not be achievable and we may be forced to sell below asking price like many others in April 2018 and with added cost of marketing team we are sacrificing another piece of our profit to finalise sale and release the funds.What if apartment sales fell through like the additional 7.1% of other uncompleted sales in February and March this year and you’ll have to start the whole process again?

Innovative cost effective route

With this route you can start the marketing process as soon as architectural plans are released and interior design for show flats finalised.

You can create beautiful photo-realistic Computer Generated Images (CGI) and Virtual Walk-through and get interest and create a marketing funnel for your apartments, advertise to targeted audience and make sure that even if the sale fell through you have enough time to find another buyer quick and you’re not desperate or motivated by the loan interest eating away your profit.
Create long lasting digital Asset that can be used at any stage of your development.Secure your profit regardless of market fluctuation with small in grand scheme of things investment.

CGI can be introduced at any time but the sooner you do the quicker you’ll see all of the benefits… the time is NOW.

Speaker Discovery – Moving from theory to practice…

December was the month of firsts for us. First Article published and  first public appearance and presentation at PPN Brooklands.
I will be forever grateful to Mark Stokes for giving me the opportunity to present the advancement in Virtual Reality and it’s application in property business regardless the strategy.

The whole experience was amazing and created new opportunities for us as a business ,by forming new business partnership with Go Develop and invitations to speak at others property meetups and masterminds.

Our recent presentation at PPN Canary Wharf  brought us couple new business opportunities and even bigger recognition in property world and few other invites.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

I guess this is how it starts …
No matter how scared and out of your depth you feel, just say YES. What’s the worst that can happen?

We’ve been published!!!

We are proud to announce that our article was published in December’s YPN.

It was absolute pleasure to write it and see it come together. We spend lot of time trying to pick great images bring the message together and make an impact.

YPN 114 – Immersive Technologies in Property

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